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Performance is a choice that YOU choose..

Dr Jo Is an in demand high performance coach for those seeking to unleash their true power and potential. She is up for the challenge,  if you are

She will be your guide, but the journey from where ever you are right now to your ultimate self or performance starts with you, and your thinking.

Get ready to take a diagnostic look at whats working and whats not..

As a performance coach and proven world-class physiotherapist, Dr Jo Brown (PhD) has over 20 years’ experience in the world of elite sport, working with Olympic bodies and world class athletes across the globe.Having been a part of so many athletes journeys, Jo has gained a unique insight and understanding of what‘s required for you to succeed in the world of high performance sport and life itself. Purpose2perform consultancy and coaching founded with a mission to “create, educate and inspire the extraordinary”.

An expert and leading authority in performance diagnostics and strategy and perception change in international sports teams, individuals and organisations. As a coach and consultant Dr Jo’s knowledge, understanding and experience will not only  educate but inspire your performance journey.

Dr Jo equates her success to always “playing full out” and being 100% authentic 100% of the time and is clear “performance is never a passive experience”.  She will guide you towards your goals, help you negotiate a cross roads, expedite your growth and see your possibility..but YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE GAME CHANGER.

Performance is not a passive experience

If  you are ready to “play full out”

have a look at my coaching and workshops below

and start the conversation…

Latest & Upcoming Podcasts

Nelson Christian Stokes

Four-time Olympian and original member of the Jamaica Bobsled Team

Ellie Cole

Triple Paralympic champion Ellie Cole, has amassed an amazing list of achievements

Alia Atkinson

Multi-Olympian and breaststroke specialist who competed in her first Olympics at 16

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One on One Coaching

Whether you are stuck, or underperforming as an athlete or in life itself, Dr Jo can reconnect you with your purpose and ultimate potential.

Are you at a crossroads, unfulfiled, lost your mojo or struggling to achieve your current goals?

Have you been searching for the answers externally and forgotten to look within?

Then it’s time to stop and take a diagnostic look, at what’s working and whats not. Dr Jo will guide you to really investigate who you have to be and how to take action to make your dream a reality. But you have to own it, and make a choice “performance is not a passive experience”.

Team Development

High Performance & engaging workshops

Dr Jo can deliver workshops to empower the individual or organisation to “show up. power up and step up” and conquer whatever challenge lays ahead.  Achieving “extraordinary” in high performance is not an individual pursuit and reliant upon surrounding oneself with appropriate team and developing a culture of success.

In the world of elite sport there is a fine line between ultimate performance and injury or perceived failure. To walk the line requires team culture crafted with care built on trust, communication and commitment. Workshops are where this theory can be transformed into action. as you step outside of your comfort zone and discover new perspectives, knowledge and connection.

WORKSHOP – Engaging Excellence

How to  create sustained high performance

Who Should attend?

Professional Athletes, Coaches, Business & teams serious about supporting the well being of their staff will experience the benefits exponentially

  • Identify:  Gaps in performance
  • Develop:  Purpose and confidence, implementation strategies, performance habits
  • Establish: Clear goals and boundaries
  • Understand:  Consequences of choices
  • Benefit: Act with intent, perform with purpose.

Jo tailors her workshops to meet your demands, contact her at the link below to discuss your requirements

A few of the international teams Jo has worked with


What others say about Jo

Jo, the angel I never knew I needed.
2018 was an extremely hard year. I was plagued with 7 different injures or more at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. I was limited to doing the bare minimum in training as a result of almost debilitating pain while on many different painkillers.
Little did I know that, those injuries would lead me to develop a life long relationship with one of the most self-less, smart and innovative human beings I’d come to know. Bewildered and almost hopeless, Jo swooped in with her tender touch and expertise to bring me to a place where I was not only able to complete a full race but make the finals in a pretty competitive field.
To this day I rely on her knowledge to get me through some of the toughest situations. I’m really glad I had Jo on my team and happier to still have her on it. She’s a real key to continued success.
Jo is present, and takes the time to listen to my needs and asks the right questions to help me delve further with my own self-actualisation, putting it into words and speaking it out loud.
For me, the link between my personal and professional development, goes hand in hand, strengthening one enhances the other. I can ultimately give the best of myself in my everyday life. Giving my best enables a positive ripple effect into my family, friends, work related peers and also into my patients, which is enlightening to experience.
The journey is awesome! Enjoy it, and let the outcome take care of self.
Thanks for sharing the journey Jo